Conservation (Liasion) Officer


  • Develop and facilitate relationships between relevant community of WCA for the implementation of projects, in particular the regain control process.
  • Facilitate and help the negotiation process between communities with Company, Village, and Government at different levels for community based framework agreement.
  • Organize meetings and events with targeted communities (individual or groups).
  • Collect, document and analyze various types of data and information through focus group discussions, key informant interviews, etc.
  • Build and strenghten local institutions (community groups, village leaders, etc.) in administration, financial management, and other strategic and technical áreas.



  • Preferably bachelor’s degree or equivalent training in social, communications, community relations
  • Has minimum 2 years of experience working in similar position  
  • Proven experience in community development, managing community relations and negotiations
  • Strong interpersonal skills and/or organizational development skills
  • Experience in formal and/or informal facilitating workshop, organize meetings and activities
  • Good communications and negotiation skills; knowledge of Jambi/tebo and/or Batak, Java culture and capable of speaking and understanding some local languages; Malay, Bataknese, Javanese.